Many people think that cats are selfish creatures who only care about themselves (although that definition usually applies more accurately to politicians). So after a tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, rescuers found a large cat buried under the debris of a house.

Upon taking the cat away to be cared for, they were shocked to discover that the fat cat they thought they had rescued was actually a skinny cat, clinging to a kitten. Even more surprising is that they thought they had uncovered a mother/kitten pair, only to discover that the skinny cat was a male. Rescuers believe that the male cat must have heard the kitten crying and clung to it to protect it.

The next time someone claims that cats don’t have feelings, chances are good that cats probably don’t have good feelings towards the person making such ridiculous statements. While you ignorer the comments of people who dislike cats, you can realize that cats can be affectionate towards others.

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