The Cat Daily News site is dedicated to the wonderful and crazy world of cats. I got my first cat in 1990 and immediately fell in love with her after she ripped up the carpeting, stepped all over my food, and pooped on the floor every morning for me to step in. As you can see, learning to love cats is an acquired taste that often makes others question your sanity.

In response to my first cat, I wrote a humorous cat book in her honor called “How To Live With a Cat (When You Really Don’t Want To),” which is my parody of a standard cat care book that sounds good in theory but fails dramatically in practice when you have to take care of an actual cat.

After my first cat, I quickly wound up with three more for a total of two orange tabbies, one Korat, and one British Bombay. Sadly, all four of those cats have now passed away, but the joy, trouble, frustration, and happiness that these four cats brought to my life lives on in the spirit of two Norwegian Forest Cats that have taken their place.

Despite the destruction that cats bring with them, they’re amazingly addictive. To help you find the latest interesting cat news, I decided to put together this site in honor of cats and cat lovers everywhere. Enjoy!

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