Cat lovers can never get enough information about cats, so here are some interesting products you might want to check out. First, is my own humorous cat book parody that I wrote in honor of my first cat and the completely wrong advice that I found in a cat care book that didn’t describe my cat one bit. (“Cats can easily be trained.” Ha!)

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One of the more popular Internet cat celebrities is Grumpy Cat, who now has a book available that lets you experience the humor of the world through the grumpiness of a cat.

Another Internet cat celebrity is Henri, the existential cat who is plagued by self-doubt and the meaninglessness of the world around him. Henri also has a book out that lets you peek into the mental angst as a cat trying to survive in a nonsensical world.

Yet another interesting cat product is Chairman Meow, a parody of Chairman Mao who ruled over communist China. This Chairman Meow T-shirt lets you mock both communism and display your love of cats at the same time.

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting and funny cat products available to help you think about the joy, anguish, and happiness your own cat gives you on a daily basis when it’s not busy tearing up your drapes, ripping apart the corner of your sofa, or spraying the walls of your house.