In Thailand, most people tend to give their cats Western or English names. Most likely it’s because people like the idea of giving their cat a unique name, which explains why many people outside of Thailand may prefer giving their cat a Thai name. If you’re looking for a Thai name for your cat, here are some suggestions:

สีสวาด /seeR saL waatL/ [‘Sawaad’ is like the English word ‘(Thai) baht’ spelled with a ‘d’]
fawn-colored and also a famous species of Siamese cat

สีครีม /seeR khreemM/
Creamy brown-colored

สีทราย /seeR saaiM/ [like the word “Sine” but without ‘-n’ sound]

สีทอง /seeR thaawngM/ [like the word ‘long’]

น้ำตาล /namH dtaanM/ [like the last name ‘Kahn’]
brown-colored or sugar

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