Robert Avery works for the Housing Authority in Daytona Beach and drives 38 miles to Palm Coast. On August 27, Avery thought he heard a frog in the garage of his home. Then he looked under his car and found a filthy kitten lodged in the wheel well.

“He was filthy, he was nasty, grease-covered, he was a nasty little fellow,” recalled Avery. Dubbed Butch, the tough little guy, once a stowaway, has stolen Avery’s heart who has since adopted the kitten.

The next time you hear a strange sound coming from your car engine, it could be a cat. Cats often climb inside car engines for the warmth so if you hear something unusual coming from under the hood, stop and check out the sound immediately. It could be a stray cat trying to hitch a ride, so get it out of your engine before it can get hurt.

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