In Australia, feral cats are threatening the local animal population by decimating birds and rodents. To help raise awareness to Australia’s feral cat problem and raise funds to help remove feral cats from the wilds of Australia, Tony Munnings and his brother decided to come up with an iPhone/iPad app.

Dubbed Feral Cat Hunter, the app lets kids hunt, track, and capture feral cats. While playing the game, kids can learn more about where feral cats come from and what they can do to help reduce the problem of feral cats in their own neighborhood. By playing a simple iPhone/iPad game, kids can learn so much more about issues occurring in other parts of the world and how those issues are relevant to their own area.

If you want to help reduce the feral cat problem in Australia, consider buying the Feral Cat Hunter app.

To learn more about the Feral Cat Hunter app, click here.

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