The unfortunate fact is that sometimes families get into financial difficulties during the holiday season. Not only do they have trouble getting enough food for their family, but they also have to worry about getting enough food for their pets.

Such families often face the difficult decision of getting rid of their cherished animals where they could be euthanized in a pet shelter. To prevent this from happening, a new non-governmental, non-profit organization called “Pet Food Stamps,” provides money available to help those in need. The program was created earlier this year, with money donated by individuals, businesses, and foundation grants.

According to, people must be receiving some form of public assistance (e.g., human food stamps, welfare, social security), and your income must place you under the poverty level in the U.S. to be eligible for help. Just keep in mind that if you apply on their website, it may take weeks to be approved. The amount of financial help available is determined by the owner’s needs and the pet’s nutritional needs (i.e., size). The pet food is delivered to your home, free of charge. 

If you can donate money this year, consider contacting Pet Food Stamps and help someone else keep their loving pet in their home.

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