The next time you go on vacation, you might want to check your cat into the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel where your cat can enjoy massages, bedtime stories, and plasma TVs showing virtual goldfish swimming around.

Created by cat lover Jo Ounsley, 43, who said: ‘It’s the perfect place for a cat to come, although some people might think it’s a little bit extravagant. We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated, and that really leads to a happy cat.’

The hotel, in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, includes 11 themed suites costing £15 a night with the most expensive  suite costing £40 a night.

People who leave their cat in such luxurious surroundings may be surprised that their cat might not want to come home afterwards. The next time you go on vacation, ask yourself if you got daily massages at your hotel. If not, then there’s a good chance you should just check yourself into the cat hotel instead.

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