In the old days, pet shelters often took in animals and hoped that people would show up to adopt them. In most cases, there were more pets available than people showing up to adopt them, which meant far too many animals got euthanized.

Gradually pet shelters started taking pets to shows and pet stores to reach out to potential customers who might want to adopt a pet but might never take the time to visit a pet shelter. While this worked, it was still time-consuming and cumbersome.

Now the Michigan Humane Society has taken a new approach by relying on social media to promote their adoptable animals.

Using Twitter and Facebook, the Michigan Humane Society posted information about Juan Pablo, a ginger-haired kitty looking for someone to cuddle with. Once the 7-year-old tabby’s profile appeared on Facebook Jan. 14, it garnered 334 likes and 39 comments. When he finally found his lady love the next day and got adopted, it drew an outpouring of 2,100 likes and 102 comments.

Kelly Stork, the society’s social media specialist, said the group has been using social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn — for five years.

“Facebook is our bread and butter,” Stork said. “It is just a better outlet for us in general. With the interaction and with the posts you can be a little bit more elaborate than with Twitter.”

The next time you’re looking for a pet to adopt, consider checking Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. You may find that special animal just by looking on your computer.

To read more about how the Michigan Humane Society uses social media to find homes for its pets, click here.

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