Like people all over the world, everyone’s tired of the same politicians running for office, promising reforms, and then enriching themselves at the expense of the public. As a joke, two people decided to nominate their own cat, Morris, as a candidate to become mayor of the Mexican city of Xalapa, the capital of the state of Veracruz last summer.

“Morris has become an expression of how fed up people are with all the parties and a political system that does not represent us,” said Sergio Chamorro, the owner of the furry black-and-white candidate whose first campaign slogan was: “Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat.”

Morris has also inspired other animal to run for political office including a donkey in Ciudad Juárez, a dog in Oaxaca and a chicken in Tepic.

The head of Veracruz’s electoral institute, urged the public not to waste their votes by voting for an animal. “It is important to vote for the registered candidates,” Carolina Viveros said. “Please.”

When animals are preferred over actual politicians, that’s when you know the public is fed up with the same useless politicians year after year. If you thought that cats are better than most human beings, you now have further evidence that cats are definitely superior to most politicians as well.

Read more about Morris the candidate here.

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