Three years ago in 2011, Helen Johns let her cat Woosie out of the house and never saw him again. For the past three years, Helen assumed that Woosie had simply disappeared. Then one day she got a phone call from a vet who scanned Woosie’s microchip and contacted her.

Where was Woosie all this time? It seems he had wandered thirty miles from home and hung around the Ginsters pasty factory in Callington where one of the workers had been looking after him.

‘I was gobsmacked. We never expected to see him again, not after he’d been missing for three years,’ Helen said. ‘He’s a heavy cat now – he’s quite large. We think that he may have been eating all the pasties and sandwiches up there.’

Woosie has settled back home again and acts like nothing had ever happened. He’s noticeably plumper than before, but otherwise he’s settling back to his normal routine once more.

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