Cats are finicky eaters, unless you offer them lobster, filet mignon, and steak tartar on a regular basis. For most people, they feed their cat either dry or canned food. Yet the debate rages on which might be best for your cat.

Dry food lasts longer and can be handy for times when you’ll be away, such as during the middle of the day when you might be at work and you need to leave food out for your cat. However, dry food contains carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Canned food provides additional moisture so cats get both protein and water with canned food. However, canned food needs to be eaten when fresh.

In general, the latest report seems to indicate that canned food is preferable. Whatever food you feed your cat, remember that cats often don’t get fish in their natural diet, so stick with flavors like chicken and turkey.

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