Most cat owners know that the most common injury they receive from their cat is getting scratched. However, cats also suffer injuries. Outdoor cats are most at risk from these five common types of injuries along with the average cost of the veterinarian bill:

  1. Soft-tissue trauma – bruise or contusion ($169)
  2. Lacerations or bite wounds ($237)
  3. Scratch or wound on the eye ($135)
  4. Mouth trauma or fractured tooth ($185)
  5. Abrasions or superficial wounds ($103)

Outdoor cats face the greatest risk due to dangers from cars, dogs, and malicious people to getting into fights with other cats. Although cats often enjoy the outdoors, they need to stay in a safe area. If possible, find ways to keep your cat happy inside for its own safety.

Of course, keeping your cat indoors doesn’t do anything for your own safety from your cat, but that’s besides the point.

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