Cats occasionally get lost so if your cat suddenly disappears, you can follow these tips to increase your chances of getting your cat back. First, if your cat is traditionally an indoor cat and gets out, chances are good that it won’t wander too far. The sooner you start looking for your cat, the better your chances of finding it.

If your cat is traditionally allowed to wander around, there’s a high chance that something has happened. Cats rarely just get up and leave for no reason, so start searching immediately in your cat’s usual territory. Search everywhere in your area because your cat could be hurt and hiding from a dog or other threat.

Putting lost cat posters around your neighborhood can help, but don’t rely on them solely to help you find your cat. Visit nearby animal shelters immediately and inform them of your missing cat in case they should find it. Remember, the sooner you start looking for your cat, the greater your chances of finding it.

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