There’s a difference between horror and horrible. When you see a horror movie, it keeps you in suspense and usually kicks you in the emotional gut with a sudden realization of what’s happening in the story. When you see a horrible movie, you just can’t stop marveling at how someone could have actually thought the movie might work.

In the case of the movie “Strays,” the villains are house cats that kill people. Although cats typically kill people by tripping them up, they usually kill people over a long period of time by sapping their will and bending their purpose in life to serving their cat masters.

If seeing a bunch of house cats staring at you as if they want their dinner sounds scary, you might be so easily amused that a set of car keys, dangling from a string, could also entertain you for a good hour or two. If you thought a movie like “Strays” could possibly frighten you, you might want to check out some other bad monster movies that could make “Strays” look like a Best Picture Award winner.

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