A while back, an Oregon cat trapped its family in the bedroom to the point where they had to call 911 for help. Now another cat in Roseville, California has flipped out and sent three family members to the hospital.

“He’s never been an aggressive cat. He’s never been mean. He just flipped,” the owner said.

“One of the patients had facial lacerations. The cat had actually jumped up on her face,” Fire Captain Derek Carey told the station. “It was hissing and just going off.”

Perhaps the recent spate of cat attacks could be a signal that the cats of the world are going to suddenly flip out, attack their owners, and take over the world. At least if we live under the dominance of cats, we can appease our new world leaders with a can of tuna fish, some cat nip, and a warm bed, so perhaps this won’t be so bad after all.

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