The Glass Bank building in Cocoa Beach, Florida is abandoned and ready to be demolished. However, demolition may be held up because residents say a cat is living inside of the Glass Bank building.¬†Cocoa Beach attorney Tony Hernandez asked,¬†”What’s going to happen to this cat when they raze the building?”

What he did next might surprise you.

“I felt compelled to do whatever I can to assure the safety of the cat. So, my law firm has elected to represent the Glass Bank cat pro bono,” said Hernandez.

Animal control officials hope to rescue the cat and keep other cats from moving into the building so they can safely demolish the building. Perhaps if more cats would move into foreclosed homes, they could prevent the banks from kicking people out of them to protect the welfare of the cat.

To read more about the cat now known as the Glass Bank Cat, click here.

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