Where will the first permanent cat cafe open in America? Four U.S. cities are currently planning a cat cafe: Catfé in Los Angeles, KitTea in San Francisco, Cat Town Café in Oakland and Purrington’s Cat Lounge in Portland. However if Taiwan born Tony Wang gets his way, the first cat cafe to open in America will be in San Diego.

With health regulations, the cats must be kept away from the food area so patrons will be able to order their drinks, walk through several doors, and enjoy their coffee in the company of cats. 

Tony plans to target tourists and people who live and work nearby, especially those who love pets but can’t own them. “The people who work in the area may have stressful jobs,” he said. “There are definitely benefits to the act of petting an animal.”

If all goes well, Tony hopes to open his cat cafe by July 1, just in time for Comic-Con in San Diego. To learn more about the potential cat cafe in San Diego, click here.