If you think cats don’t have nine lives, then you may not want to watch this video of a cat falling three stories and still landing unhurt on its feet afterwards. Apparently the cat crawled through a hole in the side of the building and then realized it didn’t have anywhere to go from there.

The cat then fell three stories but managed to land on its feet anyway without any apparent damage. Now imagine a person just tripping over a rock on the sidewalk and hurting himself, and you can understand why cats look down upon humans as inferior beings whose only redeeming feature is opening up cans of cat food.

While you may not want to tempt fate by letting your cat fall a great distance, you can at least rest assured that cats can take care of themselves pretty well when it comes to natural obstacles like great heights. Cats just have a harder time dealing with unnatural obstacles like unopened cans of cat food and catnip trapped in glass jars.

To read more about the cat that fell three stories and lived, click here.

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