If your cat or dog has died and you want to find a similar one to replace your recently deceased pet, you could scour the animal shelters looking for a cat that looks like your last one. Or you can take the easy way out and just use the PetMatch app instead.

Founded in 2006, PetMatch lets you upload a picture of your pet. Then it uses algorithms to locate a new pet in local areas based on the picture of your beloved animal. The app uses geometric angles to match the shape face, eye distance and mouth angles of the previous animal based on the picture you submit to it.

Once it finds a pet that looks similar to your last one, it notifies you of its location so you can pick up your new pet. The app even provides you with the pet’s name, description and location of the shelter it might be in. By using PetMatch, you can always have familiar looking pets around your home. Depending on your last pet, that may not always be a good thing.

To learn more about PetMatch, click here.

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