Cats eat mice, birds, and lizards. However, that type of diet may not be sustainable unless you can put your cat in a barn where there might be plenty of mice to catch and eat. That’s why most people buy commercial cat food, but many cheaper brands contain grain and other fillers that cats wouldn’t normally eat in the wild.

To provide your cat with a natural diet, many people are opting to make their own cat food, which usually means table scraps and anything else that you might be eating at the time including shrimp, filet mignon, and lobster tails. However, rather than feed your cat expensive people food, many people make up their own cat food using real ingredients that cats in the wild might normally encounter. When cats eat meat-flavored grain, they may suffer from indigestion that could be easily cured with a more natural, raw diet instead.

To learn how to make your own cat food, click here.

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