Cats normally look laid back and relaxed as if lounging around a five star resort with an army of servants willing to do their bidding at any time. However, not all cats are so relaxed or dominant over their human servants. If your cat exhibits strange behavior or even mysterious illness, it could be stressed out and it’s probably your fault (from the cat’s point of view).

To identify if your cat is stressed out, lopok for common symptoms such as hiding, timidness, or urine spraying indoors. Then look for ways to relieve that stress such as making sure you have a litter box for each cat in your house. You might want to go one step further and schedule daily massages for your cat along with serving shrimp, crab legs, and caviar to your cat every day as well. After all, reliving your cat’s stress is far more important, even if it creates undue stress on your life.

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