Every culture around the world has stories about ghosts coming back to haunt the living. If people can die and come back as ghosts, why not cats?

When a  woman’s three-legged cat died, her other cat acted strangely while eating. Suddenly this living cat whirled around and started fighting with something. Worried that the cat was having a seizure, the woman took her cat to the veterinarian who could find no physical problems. Then the woman contacted an animal psychic, told her what happened, and the psychic told her that the cat was fighting another cat.

When the three-legged cat was alive, it used to fight with the other cat around meal time, so did this three-legged cat come back for another meal before departing for the hereafter?

If cats can become ghosts, then if people can become zombies, that means we’ll have to avoid cat zombies running around as well. Perhaps zombies might be going a little too far, but if you’re curious about cats becoming ghosts, you might want to read the full story of the ghost cat here.

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