If you ever read horoscopes, you know that they’re vague enough to apply to anyone while appearing specific enough to apply only to you. So in the spirit of horoscopes that mean nothing, you might feel that your cat’s feeding schedule might reveal your hidden personality traits that you might be surprised to discover about yourself.

For example, if you feed your cat only when you wake up, then this is the type of person you are: “You give yourself three minutes to pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a few sips, your cat doing perfect figure-eights around your legs, before you reach for the can opener. You’re perfect. Your cat is perfect. All is right in your world. It’s like the perfect time for something terrible to happen.”

If you feed your cat exactly at sunrise, then “You’re strict, possibly unyielding. You get things done and expect the same from everyone. You give yourself half a grapefruit and a cup of Yuban, while Ponderosa gets her six ounces of vet-recommended kibble at a prompt oh-six-hunert hours. Then it’s straight to work for the both of you — you, to the garage or the shed or wherever the heck you go.”

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