A photo book called “Cattitude in 23 international destinations,” is the start of a brand dedicated to supporting organizations that do good deeds for cats. Author, Eugenia Bachert, says, “We’re a family of animal lovers who started snapping photos of cats throughout the countries we visited on overseas travel over the past several years,“ said Bachert. “When we published our favorite pictures, we saw an opportunity to put the collection to work on behalf of groups who shelter or otherwise advocate for the welfare of cats not fortunate enough to have a family home.”

“Purrfect Travels is a unique concept, a visual travel journal that cat lovers will enjoy,” said Stacey Price, interim executive director of the Gifford shelter in the Boston area. “We’re looking forward to partnering with them to raise awareness of the importance and need to provide proper shelter and care for our most vulnerable homeless cats.”

If you want to help protect cats, consider buying this book as a gift to a friend or to yourself. You never know how your support could help a cat (or human) in need.

To read more about the “Purrfect Travels” book, click here.

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