When most people set up a WiFi network, they often just turn it on and keep whatever default settings the WiFi router might have. Those default settings make it easy to set up a WiFi router but also easy for computer hackers to break in as well.

In the old days, hackers would roam around a neighborhood with special equipment to identify insecure WiFi networks. This practice was known as “Wardriving,” but a hacker has discovered a new method that looks even less suspicious. He’s outfitted a cat collar with WiFi sniffing equipment and put it on his cat. Now as his cat wanders innocently around the neighborhood, this hacker can locate insecure WiFi networks in his neighborhood that he can later attack at his leisure.

The next time you see a strange cat roaming around your house, it could be looking for food, looking for a home, or looking for a weak WiFi network that it can hack into later. As usual, the general rule is never trust a cat.

To learn more about how a hacker turned his cat into a hacking partner, click here.

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