Craig Geeves was fast asleep when a fire broke out around 1:00am. He said he woke up when his cat sat on his chest and meowed in his face.

“[She was] screaming at me saying get up, wake up the house is on fire,” he said.

“She was standing on my head screaming, the loudest scream I’ve ever heard from a cat screaming at me and then I smelt the smoke and jumped out of bed.

“She saved my life.”

Mr Geeves said he got out of bed, grabbed Sully and ran outside.

“I just just held her, she was scared as, she was hunkering down into me and I took her up to the neighbours and they took care of her for the night,” he said.

The next time you think your cat won’t save you, you may be right, but then again your cat might try to save you anyway in return for better food and more of it in the future.

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