When the Percevals put their house on the market, they wanted to sell it for $2,060,000. During the home sale, the family’s cat, Tiffany, sat on the couch as potential buyers roamed through the house, inspecting the rooms. Just when the Perceval family thought they had a buyer, the buyer added a clause to the contract.

They would buy the house but at the higher price of $2.2 million. The only clause was that Tiffany had to be sold with the house because the buyer’s child fell in love with Tiffany. That meant Tiffany was worth $140,000.

“We’re an animal-friendly family … She’s a bit of a princess. She’s beautiful to look at,” Ms Perceval said. “OK, she’s an expensive cat — but she’s our cat. It is quite difficult to part with her.”

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