It’s hard to know when your cat may be sick since cats can’t complain out loud other than through behavior changes. If the thought of taking your cat’s temperature periodically seems too difficult, you might be interested in Tailo, a Wi-Fi litter box that can monitor your cat’s health and inform you of its conclusions.

An algorithm determines when there’s an anomaly in your cat’s behavior, and Tailio sends you a notification via the mobile app. “From the beginning, we’ve worked with veterinarians and other feline experts for a deeper understanding of the nature of cats and the issues they face,” says Tailio’s creators. “We’ve designed Tailio based on this intelligence to better monitor the health and well-being of your cat, and provide vets with useful information for diagnosing and treating feline health issues.”

Tailio is also smart enough that it works in multiple cat households. The algorithm takes three days to tell one cat apart from another, but after that, it can track all of your cats.

If Tailo sounds interesting, you can help fund it though a Kickstarter campaign. To learn more, click here.

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