Next month New York will welcome the city’s first official cat cafe called Meow Parlour. The cat cafe is at 46 Hester Street and plans to open on December 15th, offering rentable half hour slots to scratch, pet, and play with some adorable—and adoptable!—cats.

Visitors can reserve time with the cats online. Half hour slots cost $4 with the option to stay up to five hours, making use of their wifi and patisserie products. Proprietors Christina Ha and Emilie Legrand run Macaron Parlour, so expect some tasty goodies to eat and drink while you play with the cats (you can bring food into the cat area but not vice versa).

As the idea of cat cafes spreads around the room, expect to find more cat cafes coming to a neighborhood near you. If you’ve never been to a cat cafe, you can sample time with a cat to see if you would like to adopt a cat for your own home one day.

To read more about New York’s first cat cafe, click here.

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