On December 17, Roy Dufek sold his girlfriend’s mattress. Unknown to him at the time was that his girlfriend’s cat, Camo, liked to hide in a hole in the mattress. When Roy couldn’t find Camo anywhere, he realized that he had sold the mattress with Camo hidden inside.

The mattress buyer never found the cat, so they searched in the mattress buyer’s area. Finally after setting out traps baited with sardines and familiar scented clothing, Roy managed to capture Camo after ten days and bring him back home.┬áCamo was 2 pounds lighter after 10 days outside, and had a cut lip, broken nails and a bleeding paw.

“We can’t even imagine what he’s been through in a week and (a) half running wild near the countryside, especially in this weather,” Dufek wrote. Fortunately, Camo is now back at home and all is well again.

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