Marco the cat lost his left rear foot in a weed whacker accident when he was just five weeks old. Because of his limited mobility, Marco wound up gaining so much weight that he soon lost the use of his back legs. Now at seven years old, Marco weighs more than 27 pounds. To give Marco the ability to walk around and reduce his obesity problem, Dr. Kyla Dillard at the Dillard Animal Hospital in London, Ontario wants to give Marco a titanium paw.

The cost of the titanium foot will be around $12,500. The Dillard Animal Hospital has set up a crowdfunding page to offset the cost of the surgery. If the procedure is successful, Marco will be the first cat in North America to receive a titanium foot, which would make Marco more valuable than most of the people you may know.

To read more about Marco’s quest for a titanium foot, click here.

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