If you watched the Grumpy Cat Lifetime movie, you may be interested in reading what Rolling Stone thought of it. Although the movie was fairly simple with lots of odd characters and a constant breaking through of the fourth wall to address the audience directly, some people liked the Grumpy Cat movie and some people didn’t.

Whatever your opinion, it’s probably safe to say that Grumpy Cat has become such an Internet sensation that enough people watched her movie that it’s likely they’ll make another one. Who knew that a cat could become so famous while so many talented (and not so talented) actors and actresses struggle to survive every year in Hollywood. Perhaps all those struggling actors and actresses should take a lesson from Grumpy Cat and develop a unique hook that separates them from the competition. Either that or they should just get a cat that will become famous for them.

To read Rolling Stone’s observation about the Grumpy Cat movie, click here.

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