Zagat is known for reviewing restaurants around the world so it’s no surprise that Zagat decided to review New York’s first cat cafe, the Meow Parlor. Cat cafes have long been popular in Asia and Europe, and now they’re growing in popularity in North America as well.

“It’s very popular in big cities where people are very stressed and everything’s going so fast and being in the company of cats is very relaxing. I’ve noticed that in cat cafes, people tend to speak more softly. I think it’s a good retreat from the bustling streets of a big city,” says Emilie Legrand, co-founder of Meow Parlour.

Reservations are booked up to 60 days in advance so if you’re interested in spending time with some cats, book ahead as early as possible. The popularity of the Meow Parlor means that their cats available today will likely be adopted tomorrow, but they’ll keep putting new cats out for people to play with and adopt so if you’re looking for a cat, check one out at the Meow Parlor today.

To read more about Zagat review the Meow Parlor, click here.

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