Anyone with a cat knows that cats seem irresistibly drawn to cardboard boxes like moths are drawn to light. That’s why Poopy Cat, the makers of disposable cardboard litter boxes, has come out with a new product called Blocks. The idea is to buy multiple cardboard boxes, punch out holes in the sides, and create your own custom cat toy by stacking them together in different ways.

The company funded their latest idea through a Kickstarter program and claims that the boxes are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. The boxes are also strong enough to support the weight of a person, so they should easily support the weight of your cat unless they get wet.

Although you can’t yet buy these cardboard cat construction kit, you can do the next best thing and turn your cardboard boxes into cat toys instead. Your cats will love it, you’ll save a bundle of money not buying them expensive toys they’ll just ignore, and everyone comes out ahead.

To read more about Poopy Cat’s cardboard cat condo construction kit, click here.

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