For the past four years, Tabby Mango spends much of his time sleeping in the entrance to the Tesco store in Tiverton, Devon, or curled up on a mat, despite having a home nearby. Tesco shoppers have grown accustomed to seeing Mango that an unknown customer even set up a Facebook page for Mango so fans can share their love.

The anonymous Facebook page creator said, “Our children love this cat so much that my husband suggested we make a page for him.¬†What a good idea. So here it is. To put a smile on people’s faces. Thank you for your support for this lovely moggy.”

The next time you go shopping in the Tesco store in Tiverton, Devon, be on the look out for Mango, the unofficial store mascot. Perhaps if you’re nice to Mango, you might find yourself on his Facebook page too.

To read more about Mango spending most of his time in a Tesco store, click here.

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