Cat Cafes have long been popular in Asia and now they’re starting to pop up around the United States as well. The latest city to get a cat cafe is Portland. CalledĀ Purringtons Cat Lounge, customers will get to interact with eight to ten cats, all up for adoption, who will live in the cafĆ©’s lounge.

“It’s a really lovely way for people come see cats that are up for adoption, hang out with them and get to know them,” said Kristen Castillo, who is opening the business with her husband, Sergio.

The next time you’re in Portland and have $8 to spare for an hour with a kitty, head over to Purringtons Cat Lounge and get your cat fix in while enjoying a snack. If you can’t spend time with your own cat while out of the house, you can at least comfort yourself with the friendly felines in a cat cafe instead.

To read more about Portland’s cat cafe, click here.

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