Everyone knows that cat videos have taken over the Internet and may rival pornography as the most watched videos on the planet. Now Channel 5 in the United Kingdom plans to offer a TV show called “Cats Do the Funniest Things.” The premise of the show will be showing the latest and funniest videos of cats.

When you think of trashy reality shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” you realize that cats are so far superior that anything you show on TV about cats will be greatly more intellectually and emotionally rewarding than watching anything the Kardashian clan might do. If you can’t get your fill of cat videos off the Internet, tune in to Channel 5 in the United Kingdom and watch the best cat videos each week. If you have a cat, you can even submit your own cat video to see if it airs on TV one day.

To learn more about the “Cats Do the Funniest Things” TV show, click here.

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