Everyone knows that cats are smarter than dogs, people, dolphins, and gorillas along with every other form of life on Earth. While cats don’t use sign language like gorillas or create tools like humans, they don’t have to since they can always get someone else to do that for them instead. That’s how smart cats are.

However, if you want to test your cat’s IQ, you can take a simple test. While some of the questions are simplistic such as asking if your cat recognizes the sound of a can opener, you could probably substitute other questions such as asking if your cat is planning world domination or if your cat thinks your it’s lifetime unpaid servants who must do its bidding 24 ours a day.

Whatever the results of the cat IQ test, you can rest assured that your cat’s IQ will always be higher than the IQ of people who don’t like cats. That alone is a sure sign of mental deficiency in the human race.

To take the cat IQ test, click here.

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