Poor Bart. First he got hit by a car. Then his owner buried him, only to have Bart climb out of the grave and seek help from a neighbor. A local animal shelter took Bart in and a veterinarian gave him medical attention. Then suddenly the animal shelter refused to give Bart back to his owner and now we know one of the reasons why.

Apparently there’s evidence that Bart’s owner may have buried Bart alive after he had been hit by a car. Why he would do that remains a mystery, but the fact remains that Bart’s owner may not have cared for his cat as much as you might hope a cat owner would do. For that reason, Bart remains in the care of the animal shelter and will hopefully make a full recovery so he can find a move caring home. After all the publicity surrounding Bart’s adventures, someone will likely come forth and take care of Bart the way he deserves.

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