When mobile phones started included cameras, people started taking pictures of themselves and sending them to others. With so many mobile phones and now tablets in the hands of so many people, it’s not surprising that cats can walk across them and take selfies of themselves too.

Charlie Ellis got the idea for an entire book of cat selfies when he said, ‘My cat accidentally took a photo on my tablet, and it turned out better than my selfies. It was so funny I wanted to share the hilarity with everyone.

‘It was the most enjoyable few weeks of my life when the pictures were pouring in. After publication, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London ran a competition for cat selfies and there were even more fabulous cats. Cat Selfies is available from all good retailers, both online and on the high street.’

If you can’t get enough of cat pictures on the Internet, now you can get your fill of cats by looking at an entire book filled with nothing but cat pictures.

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