Every Tuesday and Friday for the last six years, Sue Barna has arrived at the Dearborn Animal Shelter to clean up and cuddle up to some 40 cats. Unlike many shelters, the Dearborn shelter doesn’t cage its cats but lets its felines roam freely while contained in old mobile modular trailers on the shelter’s property.

“If you have to be a shelter animal, it’s not a bad place to hang out while you’re waiting for your forever homes,” Barna said. “It’s just an honor to volunteer there. I just love it.”

Now Sue Barna hopes to win Purina Cat Chow’s contest that will award $25,000 to the winner for a cat quarters makeover. If you want to cast your vote until March 15, go to www.catchow.com.

To read more about Sue Barna and her devotion to the Dearborn cat shelter, click here.

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