Cat cafes have been exploding in popularity as people enjoy getting a drink and a snack while playing with cats. Now that the rest of the world had started to adopt cat cafes, London has decided to open a new variant called a cat cinema.

Great Kitten, a new London-based start-up, will be the world’s first cat cinema, cafe and cat shelter. Great Kitten will screen around 10 films per week and prices will range from £10-£12 depending on the particular title.

The brainchild of cat lovers Paula Pamela, 25, and William Piper, 24, the venture will allow guests to enjoy a cup of tea and a cuddle with a cat while watching a film.

“Patrons will be able to book one or two hour long slots to spend time with our resident cats,” said Piper. “We estimate that one-hour entry will cost £5-6, and two-hour slots £8-10.”

To read more about Great Kitten, click here.

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