Most people think cats can’t be trained, and they’re usually right. However,¬†Samantha Martin, has started the Acro-Cats, a circus troupe of cats that perform all over the country and have even performed in a Target commercial.

Martin’s first traveling animal circus, “The Amazing Acro-Rats,” specialized in rodents.

“I couldn’t make a living on just rats,” she says. So about a decade ago, she¬†switched to cats. “People started showing up in droves.”

The cats travel ten months out of the year in a 35-foot bus customized for their comfort. The next time the Acro-Cats come to town, be sure to catch their show and see that cats really can be trained just as long as you’re willing to do all the hard work.

To read more about the Acro-Cat circus show, click here.

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