Cat cafes started in Asia and quickly spread to the rest of the world with North America finally get their own cat cafes after all these years of jealously watching everyone in Asia enjoying a snack and a cat in a cat cafe.

The seemingly sudden growth of cat cafes in the United States seems unusual except to cat lovers. Cat cafes are not only a place to relax with cats and have a snack, but also a place to socialize cats for adoption and let others interact with them to see what type of cat they would like to take home for themselves.

Thus it’s a win-win situation for both the people and the cats. As long as the cat cafe can make enough money to stay in business, everyone wins. Hopefully the cat cafes will continue growing in popularity until they become as common as Starbucks on every street corner. When people can freely adopt cats as easily as ordering a cup of coffee, the dominance of cats in the United States will be assured.

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