In most countries if you don’t pay your bills, the authorities can legally seize your assets and auction them off to pay off your debt. In Russia, many people don’t own anything valuable like a house or a car, but they may own a pedigree cat. That’s why Russian bill collectors recently seized a pedigree Sphynx cat from a man who owed 200,000 rubles ($4,071).

Seizing cats can be more effective than you might think. Last December, a resident in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk paid a debt of 12,000 rubles ($245) after debt collectors threatened to seize his cat. Another man owed 20,000 rubles ($407) in unpaid bills so authorities seized his British shorthair cat. In Russia, they know cats can be more valuable than family members, so make sure you pay your bills in Russia if you want to keep your cats.

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