Somewhere in the Southwest portion of the United States, there’s a county government office filled with government workers. Next to this county government office is an animal shelter that had a problem.

When the shelter took in stray cats, they needed to get the cats used to people so they could be adopted easier. Amazingly the county government office noticed two problems. First, government workers are often bored. Second, cats needed to be around people. So the solution was to create a cat library where workers can borrow a cat for an hour at a time to bring to their desk.

The goal is to get cats used to being handled by people. The unexpected side benefit was that worker satisfaction at the office skyrocketed. Now the cats get different people to play with them and the workers get to play with cats at work and get paid for doing it. That’s a win-win situation for people and cats.

To read more about the cat library, click here.

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