A woman in Presque Isle, Maine saw a black cat stuck in a 75-foot tree so she decided to try and rescue it. This woman in her 60s managed to climb all the way to the top but once she made it to the top, she got stuck and used her cell phone to call the Presque Isle Fire Department to rescue her and the cat.

“She got all the way up the tree to the very high tiny branches in the top of the tree,” Richard Wark, deputy fire chief in Presque Isle said. “And then she looked down and realized how high she was. She had a cellphone with her, thankfully. When she called us [at about 2 p.m.] and we got there, we could hardly believe that she climbed all the way to the top of the tree. It took us a few minutes to find her in the leaves and branches.”

The fire department saved the woman and when trying to rescue the cat, the cat came down on its own, which goes to show you that cats are really taunting us when we think they need our help.

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