Cat cafes started in Asia then migrated to Europe and have finally made it to North America. While many cities have opened cat cafes, the latest American city to offer a cat cafe is “La Gattara,” which is Italian for “cat lady.”

La Gattara will open in Scottsdale, Arizona under the guidance of Melissa Pruitt. “People love cats,” Pruitt says. “People love to relax. It’s a good time.”

“Cats are proven to be a stress-reducer,” says Pruitt. “There’s a new cat café in Washington, D.C., called Crumbs & Whiskers. They have literally been booked ever since they opened. You have to put reservations in online.”

The next time you’re visiting Scottdale, Arizona, look for La Gattara. To read more about Scottsdale’s cat cafe, click here.

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