More people are allergic to peanuts, milk, or strawberries, but you’d be surprised to learn that cats are also allergic to many items. In East Yorkshire, a cat named Munchkin was getting sick and its poor owners couldn’t figure out why. As it turned out, poor Munchkin is allergic to everything that cats normally like such as fish, cream, milk, chicken and tinned cat food.

Louise Bean and her husband Paul had to keep taking Munchkin to the vet several times a  week before discovering what Munchkin was allergic to normal cat food. Now Munchkin is on a strict diet of dried cat food and doing much better. If you thought you felt deprived not being able to eat your favorite foods, think of poor Munchkin unable to eat most cat’s favorite foods.

To read more about Munchkin and her food allergies, click here.

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